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Posted by: Roderick Ellison - MSc BSc (Hons) AIEMA on 25/08/2010

The Government has published its Annual Energy Statement.  The main document sets out 32 actions split into four key areas. More information can be provided upon request but of note:

  • Delivering secure energy on the way to a low carbon energy future reasserts commitment to move the EU’s 2020 target for GHG emissions reductions from 20% a 30%; 
  • Reference to the Green Investment Bank- details are due after the Spending Review.  There is also a commitment to publish an implementation plan, later in the summer;
  • Further consultation on revised draft energy National Policy Statements is due in the autumn;
  • The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), due to be implemented in April 2011, will be taken forward under the Spending review, due in the autumn; 
  • Community Energy Online will be launched in the autumn to help authorities and communities with design and progress of local renewable energy projects;
  • Government is to implementing the Connect and Manage electricity transmission access regime from August 2010;
  • Government to set out a delivery plan for renewables, with focus on priorities and milestones.  They will also consider use of Marine Energy Parks, continue consulting on improving uptake of micro-generation, and will develop a plan to increase energy from waste through anaerobic digestion;
  • DECC has also published its decision to grandfather support under the RO for electricity from dedicated biomass, energy from waste, anaerobic digestion and advanced conversion technologies, such as pyrolysis and gasification;
  • There are also new proposals for standards to ensure that the biomass used for electricity generation in the UK is sustainable;
  • Commitment to consult on the nuclear National Policy statement in the autumn, sending it to Parliament for ratification by the spring, and ensure that the inspectorate has the resources to asses designs for new nuclear plants;
  • Government will continue to work with industry on the development of the selection process for future CCS demonstration projects with the intention of launching a formal call by the end of the year;
  • Commitment to the delivery of emissions reductions across the globe through the UN process as well as UK support for low carbon technologies abroad; and
  • There will be a review of Ofgem and the regulatory framework in which it operates;
  • 2050 Pathways Analysis looks at six different “pathways” to achieving the 2050 target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.

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