'Clear signs of recovery' for upbeat eco specialist - Bath Chronicle

Posted by Cain Blythe - CEnv MIEMA MIEEM MSc BSc (Hons) on 29/09/2010

Environmental consultancy and contractor Ecosulis is celebrating its 20th anniversary by launching two new departments.

The Newton St Loe-based firm, which toasted its birthday with a party at Bath Racecourse earlier this month, is broadening the scope of its business as it rallies following the economic downturn. Experienced consultant and energy sector specialist Rod Ellison has joined the firm as an associate director to set up a new department specialising in environmental impact assessment and planning.

The company is also launching a department focusing on environmental research and development.

Managing director Cain Blythe, who officially took over the top job at the company in January 2007 following an employee buy-out, said the firm's fortunes were on the up, but is wary of the impact that the coalition government's spending cuts could have. 2007 was ecosulis's best year, with the company generating a £200,000 profit from a turnover of £1.25m. "But the same as everyone else, we took a fairly big hit in 2008 and 2009," explained Mr Blythe. "However, this year we have some significant growth so we are seeing clear signs of recovery but we remain cautious about the cuts the Government is making."

The firm has a core staff of around 23 – although that is subject to seasonal variation – and Mr Blythe believes the firm's strength lies in that it can see sustainability projects through from start to finish. "We offer both the contracting services and the consultancy," he said. "We were the first to do it and remain one of the few doing the cradle-to-grave approach."

Mr Blythe had been planning to establish an environmental impact assessment department for many months before Mr Ellison's arrival. Mr Ellison, who has worked on some of the country's largest energy projects, with a particular focus on renewable sources, said: "My key driver is to build teams to deliver successful, well-considered projects. "I joined ecosulis as they are pragmatic and a solutions-focused organisation which allow me to build teams to suit a project's particular needs."

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