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Posted by: Roderick Ellison - MSc BSc (Hons) AIEMA on 25/08/2010


Two part consultation, with the first section.

Part A covering changes that DECC plan to make to the RO by means of the next Renewables Obligation Order (ROO) which will come into effect on 1 April 2011. 

The Part A RO changes are:

  • The introduction of phased support for offshore wind projects, allowing developers to register groups of turbines in phases.  20 years of support in up to 5 phases is proposed;
  • Introduction of mandatory sustainability standards for biomass (60% GHG emissions savings from solid biomass or biogas). 
  • The criteria would not apply to <1MW plant nor to fuels from waste, sewage or landfill gas. 
  • There would be a transition period of mandatory reporting against the criteria from April 2011, with eligibility for ROCs from April 2013.  Draft reporting requirements are also outlined.
  • Introduction of sustainability criteria for bioliquids in line with the mandatory; and requirements introduced by the Renewable Energy Directive.  The RO will also be opened to all bioliquids.

The consultation document is also seeking views on wider policy issues.

Part B is a consultation on the implementation of various changes to Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin.  Again these are changes required under the Renewable Energy Directive to be implemented by 5 December 2010:

Online responses are preferred. 

Response to Part A:

Response to Part B:

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