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Posted by: Sara King BSc (Hons) and Dr Alan Feest PhD FCIWEM MIEEM PGCE on 31/01/2011

The European Commission is an executive body of the European Union, which is responsible for legislation, treaties and implementing decisions. 

The European Water Association (EWA) is an independent, non-governmental organisation dealing with the management and improvement of water environments. It is one of the major professional associations in Europe that covers the whole water sector.

Alan will be involved with contributing towards the Expert Network in Water, Marine and Biodiversity which is being set up by the European Commission. The Expert Network aims to contribute towards the integration of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and the Birds and Habitats Directive (BHD).

The WFD is a European directive and was adopted in 2000. It sets objectives for future water protection though controlling and addressing water pollution, water management and sustainability.

The BHD combines the Birds Directive and Habitat Directive to provide a framework for the conservation and management of protected birds and their habitat in Europe.

The European Network in Water, Marine and Biodiversity will aim to aid the conservation of protected species and habitats associated with water dependant ecosystems while maintaining sustainable use of water resources. The aim is to implement the following actions on a European scale:

  • Provide an overview of existing link between the WFD and BHD
  • Present case studies exemplifying synergies and conflicts of objectives
  • Pointing out areas where further activities (i.e guidance) may be needed


Alan has also recently been appointed an External Research Reviewer for the Greek, Russian, German and Serbian Governments for the research program 'Archimedes III', an external reviewer for SEE-ERA.NET, and a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

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