Ecosulis and AquaticEngineering Team Up to Deliver Biodiverse Roof

Posted by Cain Blythe - CEnv MIEMA MIEEM MSc BSc (Hons) on 26/10/2011

Cowes Enterprise College is an exciting new development being undertaken by Pihl-UK who is responsible for the £30 million two storey building constructed of pre-cast panels combining a low carbon and environmental plan. It will have heating and hot water supplied by its own Biomass Plant and make maximum use of natural ventilation & lighting and will be topped by a fully accessible Biodiverse Green Roof featuring that will serve as a mini-nature reserve.

AquaticEngineering have been involved in the establishment of a blend of local provenance flora for the biodiverse roof – in partnership with Ecosulis this was undertaken and seed collection is now drawing to a close with excellent results.

Ecosulis are also undertaking the following works:

  • Produce a BREEAM schools report
  • Produce specific habitat designs and written specification
  • Provide a maintenance strategy for installed habitats
  • Construct suitable features e.g. bee houses, insect nests, bumble bee boxes, bat boxes, swift boxes etc  and install
  • Undertake pre-demolition surveys for bats and badger

As the construction phase is now rapidly progressing we will keep you posted as to the projects evolution and development.

  • Other significant design features include:
  • A 650-seat conference centre/auditorium
  • Green gym
  • Outdoor amphitheatre
  • A central atrium that provides an inspirational learning environment
  • A living science garden
  • Rooftop conference area for staff, pupils and governors.