Ecosulis Awarded Prestigious Lake Enhancement Project by Royal Parks Agency

Posted by Cain Blythe - CEnv MIEMA MIEEM MSc BSc (Hons) on 8/12/2011

Ecosulis has recently been commissioned to undertake lake enhancement works at Queen Mary’s lake, Regents Park. The work will involve the construction and planting of five reedbed areas, re-grading of the adjacent lake edge, construction of a boardwalk and installation of a heron ‘loafing’ area in Queen Mary’s Garden Lake.

One of the overriding objectives of the project is to conserve and enhance the natural and built environment, historic landscape and biodiversity of the park for the benefit of diverse audiences and future generations. Queen Mary’s Lake has not been drained since 1983 and the following workis currently being undertaken:

  • Pump out water into a local surface drain;
  • Inspect existing concrete revetments;
  • Remove block revetments and re-use material in gabion baskets;
  • Install gabion baskets and Nicospan revetment will be filled with silt and revetment material to form new reedbeds;
  • Move approximately 350 m3of silt behind the gabions to form reedbeds;
  • Install waterfowl fencing on the gabions, linked to chestnut pale fencing on the landside to protect the reedbeds from waterfowl grazing;
  • Planting the reedbeds with species of native provenance;
  • Install a 28m green oak boardwalk at the northern end of the lake, including the removal of two short sections of bowtop railings.