Ecosulis Exeter Office Opens - Ecosulis is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year

Posted by Deborah Cockerill on 11/11/2010

Ecosulis is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and is delighted to announce the opening of its Exeter office at the Innovation Centre, Exeter University.  The office is being headed up by Director, Hannah Maben, who has worked for Ecosulis for over five years from its head office in Bath.  Hannah has a background in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Ecological Consulting, and Ecological Contracting and Countryside Management, and prior to joining Ecosulis, worked for a large international multi-disciplinary consultancy in Exeter.

Ecosulis is one of the UK’s leading independent ecological consultancies and was one of the first of such companies to offer combined services of consulting and practical implementation.  Ecosulis is involved in a range of high-profile projects across the country, covering a variety of private and public sectors such as residential, education, commercial and energy. These include large-scale developments such as the White Rock development in Torbay through to research projects such as monitoring the condition of nationally important Sites of Special Scientific Interest for Natural England.  Ecosulis has recently expanded its services to include EIA and Environmental Planning capabilities with particular in-house expertise within the energy sector.

“I am keen to build upon the success of our existing team.  While we work across the UK and parts of Europe I recognise the importance of having local teams with local knowledge to enable high-quality, cost-effective delivery of projects and reduce our carbon footprint.  Despite the current economic uncertainty, it is clear to me that development, research and conservation projects must and will go forward in the south west,” says Hannah Maben.

The Innovation Centre offers high-quality office space for growing knowledge-based businesses, as well as providing an environment, which supports the development of its clients.  “We are delighted to welcome Ecosulis to the Innovation Centre and hope that we can assist them with their expansion across the south west” says Robin Jackson, Director of the Innovation Centre.