Ecosulis services over the winter period

Posted by Michael Williams - AIEEM BSc (Hons) on 7/12/2011

Ecosulis offers a range of surveys and services that can be undertaken during the winter period.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays over the spring and summer, we can undertake Phase 1 habitat surveys during the winter, which will highlight the need or otherwise for seasonally restricted surveys that will need to be undertaken over the spring and summer months, such as great crested newt, bat and reptile surveys.

Bat habitat assessment and surveys of buildings and trees can be undertaken at any time of the year, and if undertaken now we can highlight any further survey work required and provide timescales – leaving our clients plenty of time to plan their work schedules around the optimal survey times.

The winter is also a good time to undertake badger surveys, as vegetation dies back over the winter and setts can be more obvious. During the summer months when vegetation is dense, setts can be harder to find, which may lead to delays if they are found during vegetation clearance and/or construction works. Badger bait-marking is restricted to February-April and as such the need for such surveys should ideally be identified before February.

Winter bird surveys are already underway (season is September to March), but it is still possible to fit some in before March and the spring migration.

Our Countryside Management team can undertake tree-felling and scrub clearance during the winter. During the summer months, birds may nest in trees and scrub, which may cause delays to vegetation clearance and development works, however by carefully clearing the vegetation over winter the chances of nesting birds holding up works is significantly reduced, whist avoiding impacts on hibernating species such as reptiles, amphibians and small mammals.

The winter is also a good time to start thinking about the coming year. We are often busy in early spring with surveys such as great crested newt, breeding birds and spring invertebrate surveys, so if your site requires it is best to programme them in sooner rather than later.  Careful consideration of ecological surveys can help with efficient project programming and avoid otherwise costly delays at planning and construction phases of development

Ecosulis also has an Environmental Planning team who can undertake Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and can offer sound advice on environmental planning issues such as acoustics, air quality, archaeology and hydrology and flood risk.