Ecosulis still finds time to support local projects even through these hard economic times!

Posted by Kate Hayward on 18/11/2010


Potential options for management of land adjacent to Camden Crescent in Bath are being investigated by a subcommittee of Camden Residents Association.  The initial objective is to improve public safety within and around the site.  To achieve this, it will be necessary to create views from Camden Crescent through to the site by selective tree removal.  This creates an opportunity to enhance the site and manage it as a functional space, and at the same time promote biodiversity gain. 

Ecosulis assessed the current ecological status of the site and considered various options for biodiversity gain through appropriate management of the site, whilst maintaining the initial objective of improving public safety.  Ecosulis proposed a range of possible land uses, ranging from community orchard to allotments to grazed pasture and provided general considerations in relation to management and biodiversity enhancing features.

Options are still being considered, including whether to bring in some pigs to help reduce vegetation cover (a very organic approach!).