Latest Research Papers

Posted by on 4/07/2011

Please find below a summary of our latest publications: 

Feest, A., Merrill, I. and Aukett, P. (2011) Does botanical diversity in sewage treatment reed-bed sites enhance invertebrate biodiversity? 
International. International Journal of Ecology.
Feest, A. (2011) Nitrogen critical load and butterflies. p.160-4 in 
Hicks, W.K., Whitfield, C.P., Bealey, W.J. and Sutton, M.A. (eds.)(2011) 
Nitrogen Deposition and Natura 2000: Science & practice in determining 
environmental impacts. COS729/Nine/ESF/CCW/JNCC/SEI Workshop Proceedings. 
Petrakis, P.V., Spanos, K., Feest, A. and Daskalakou, E. (2011) Phenols 
in leaves and bark of Fagus Sylvatica as determinants of insect occurrence. 
International Journal of Molecular Science. 12: 2769-2782
Petrakis, P.V., Spanos, K. & Feest, A. (2011) Insect biodiversity 
reduction of pinewoods in Southern Greece caused by the pine scale 
(Marchalina hellenica) Forest Systems 20: 27-41
Feest, A., van Swaay, C.,Aldred, T. and Jedamzik, K (2011) The 
biodiversity quality of butterfly sites: a metadata  assessment. Ecological 
Indicators. 11:669-675