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Posted by: Sara King BSc (Hons) AIEEM on 07/03/2013

Although the cold weather is still upon us, spring will soon be descending and amphibians will be beginning to wake up from hibernation.

Natural England is launching a detailed great crested newt survey programme across England. The first phase of the programme includes habitat suitability surveys and water quality assessment of a sample of ponds.

The information from this large scale project will provide a high resolution population distribution model for England. The aim of this scheme is to establish more information on great crested newts, which would translate into more accessible information for the planning process. Natural England hope that better data for the species will be able to ensure that great crested newt constraints are addressed early in the planning process, and therefore minimise associated costs and delays. The improved data set will also provide conservation benefits for great crested newts, and will allow conservation groups to focus mitigation programmes.

It is hoped that this programme will change the way great crested newts are dealt in terms of mitigation. Instead of focussing on mitigation on a site by site basis, and restricted to newt fencing and small scale planting, mitigation could be more holistic. This scheme could encourage mitigation on a local level, with development sites working together to provide more high quality mitigation for amphibians. 

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