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Posted by: Michael Williams on 22/11/2012

Ecosulis has completed surveys on behalf of Natural England on SSSI's across the country, having undertaken surveys on 27 SSSI's, predominatly in the south of England, but also in the north-east and north-west. We are currently undertaking identification of species recorded and preparing reports.

The project targets short sward and bare sand/chalk habitats, with other habitats to be surveyed in subsequent years. Sites include coastal, heathland, chalk grassland and moorland and target invertebrate groups include beetles, flies, ants, bees, wasps, butterflies and bugs.

Survey methodologies employed include aerial/sweep netting, direct observation and ground searching. Most of the work has been undertaken by our in-house entomologist, who spent the spring and early summer undertaking the surveys and is currently identifying specimens in the lab.

Noteworthy finds so far include the protected marsh fritillary butterfly, the nationally scarce violet oil beetle and the Red Data Book (Endangered) hoverfly Chrysotoxum vernale. Identification is due to be completed in the next few weeks and the results will then be analysed using the ISIS program, which classifies habitats according to the invertebrate species present. 

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Tags: Invertebrate survey | ISIS Natural England
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