NEWP Implementation Update

Posted by Cain Blythe - CEnv MIEMA MCIEEM MSc BSc (Hons) on 30/09/2013

Recently Defra has published the “Natural Environment White Paper Implementation Update” (or NEWP). This looks at the progress that has been made since the last White Paper that was produced in December 2012 and the steps that the government has made to improve natural environments.

The paper notes a number of improvements including-

  • The first Natural Capital Committee Report
  • The Ecosystems Markets Taskforce Report
  • The launch of the Payments for Ecosystem Services action plan and best practise guidance
  • A £200k grant to encourage environmental volunteering

The aim of this paper is to review how natural habitats are being managed currently, and finding the most effective ways to invest money in future schemes.

Another positive aspect reported in the White Paper was the Green Infrastructure Partnership (GIP), a group comprising of 300 organisations working in conjunction with councils, developers, architects and planners in order to encourage more sustainable development. the aim is to ensure that areas of open space and natural habitats are connected, therefore providing higher quality habitats for wildlife.

The My Environment web portal has also been developed to improve access to information. Community projects and people taking an active role is an important aspect of improving the environment.

For more information you can download the updated White Paper here.