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Posted by: on 10/05/2012

Ecosulis’s Scientific Advisor Dr Alan Feest has been appointed by the University of Cambridge’s Sustainability Leader programme to produce a casestudy into the externalities of corn production (for food and biofuels).

The work is part of the ‘Right Value for Externalities Collaboration’ and aims to develop a practical approach to valuing externalities in a business setting. Case studies will provide a strong evidence base to support the development of a rigorous methodology to engage with policy makers in taking the valuation of natural and social capital from an academic to an applied context.

A key objective of the casestudies is to provide convincing evidence of the need for policy interventions to help protect natural and social capital. It is thought this will be achieved via regulation supporting proactive business responses.

The majority of the case studies compare two or more options for using a natural capital resource (e.g. land, water) in crop production. Ecosulis’s case study will consider the cultivation of corn in Europe. Natural capital externalities considered include climate (green house gas), biodiversity and soil/water & air quality. Social externalities considered include employment and human health and safety.

We are looking forward to working on the project which is helping to monetise environmental and social secondary effects which of course is very much in line with emerging natural capital and ecosystem services approaches which will underpin sustainable development.

Categories: Biodiversity Research
Tags: Ecosystem Services | natural capital | sustainable development
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