Success for the Proposals and Invertebrate Survey Teams

Posted by Marina Martin BSc on 27/02/2012

Some of our larger insects, such as the stag beetles and hawk moths enjoy a popular appeal and the conservation and monitoring efforts that come with it. But the many thousands of small species that comprise the bulk of our fauna are largely ignored. In an effort to balance priorities a requirement has been set by the state to assess the condition of Sites of Scientific Interest (SSSIs) using invertebrate assemblages as SSSI features, in support of the Public Service Agreement (PSA).

In response to this requirement, Natural England has developed a four year framework contract divided into 14 Whole of England ‘Site Type’ Lots, to efficiently facilitate SSSI condition assessment for invertebrate assemblages as SSSI features. Ecosulis has participated in a three-stage competitive tender process to carry out the surveys and analyses required.

Having been successful at the initial and second tender stages, Ecosulis is now in the process of compiling a mini-tender for Lot 1. With this first lot being allocated this month, this is an exciting prospect for our ecology team, presenting an opportunity for our diverse range of staff (including project managers, ecological consultants and research scientists) to collaborate towards a valuable and unique national project.