Summer Surveys - Species and Habitats

Posted by NewsletterLinks on 2/08/2011

Amphibians – Great crested newt surveys have now ended until spring but recruitment monitoring continues through August and September and translocations will continue up to November

Bats – Tree climbing surveys and building inspections are on-going and the season for activity bat surveys will end in September

Reptiles – translocations are ongoing throughout the UK although September is an optimum month for presence / absence reptile surveys. These species will remain active until October, allowing surveys/translocations to be carried out

Birds – Book in your migratory and winter bird surveys now to commence from late August, allowing time to agree methodologies with regulators. Our Ecological Clerk of Works can facilitate vegetation removal now in sensitive environments

Otter & Water Vole – Otter surveys are on-going and the optimum season for water vole surveys continues until October

Invertebrates – contact our specialist invertebrate team to discuss individual species requirements.  The optimal season for white-clawed crayfish continues until October

Flora – Book your National Vegetation Classification (NVC) grassland survey now, to be carried out during the optimum months of July/August.  Established Japanese knotweed and Indian balsam will be evident. Plan your monitoring visits now to enable action within the growing season if needed.


Click here to use our interactive species calendar to find out when surveys and mitigation can be undertaken