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Posted by: Hannah Maben - BSc (Hons) MIEEM, Sara King BSc (Hons) on 12/08/2011

Ecosulis Facilitates Planning Permission and Construction

Ecosulis undertook the following works to assist Taylor Wimpey in the delivery of this project:


Taylor Wimpey Maintains Favourable Conservation Status

The following measures provided by Taylor Wimpey have ensured the favourable conservation status of species has been maintained:

  • Retention of badger access opportunities and provision of a wildlife corridor along the northern site boundary
  • Inclusion of native species within the landscaping scheme known to be favoured by foraging badgers and bats
  • The provision of bat roosting opportunities
  • Sensitive lighting to minimise any impacts on foraging and commuting bats

Post development monitoring confirms the use of bat boxes by bats on site and the success of the mitigation provided.

Bat boxes erected on trees at Maybury Hill, Woking

          Bat tubes installed on residential new builds at Maybury Hill, Woking
Bat boxes installed on trees at Maybury Hill           Bat tubes installed on new builds at Maybury Hill


Taylor Wimpey Provides Biodiversity Gain

The following provisions were made to incorporate further opportunities for biodiversity gain:

  • Bird nest boxes
  • A five year ecological management plan

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