Valuing Nature Network (VNN) Appointment for Alan Feest

Posted by Dr Alan Feest PhD FCIWEM MIEEM PGCE on 6/08/2012

Alan Feest from Ecosulis has been appointed to one of the international study group considering the externalities of the use of water in agriculture and the growth of maize crops.  After a series of telephone conferences all the study groups convened at the Stephen Hawking Centre in Cambridge University on Friday 20th July. 

Valuing Nature Network (VNN)

The meeting of minds between representatives of major international companies and academic researchers was extremely stimulating and Alan was delighted to find that his biodiversity quality approach to measuring biodiversity should facilitate the full incorporation of biodiversity into externality assessment.

He says he was fortunate to be working with excellent partners from the University of Hasselt in Belgium and Pioneer seeds (based in Switzerland).  Alan has already established that biodiversity assessment can only be a crude estimation in the absence of species identification and therefore the measurement of externalities will require support for taxonomic skills from companies that have up to now been reliant on governmental support for this facility.