Today the rewilding and restoration space is characterised by an ever-growing number of inspirational stories, from Ecosulis's own projects through to the efforts of businesses, NGOs, academics, politicians and ordinary citizens across the globe. Here we present a selection of the latest and greatest.

Attenborough Lakes Wetland Enhancement Gets off to a Great Start

Posted by Julian Burchby on 06/17/2011
Reedbed planting undertaken at the correct time of year ensures successful early establishment of reeds at Attenborough Lakes SSSI on behalf of the Environment Agency.

Wessex Water Award Ecosulis Tree Surgery Framework Agreement

Posted by Julian Burchby on 06/17/2011
Ecosulis expands its arboricultural and tree surgery operations through a framework agreement with Wessex Water.

Ecosulis Secure Home Farm Trust Maintenance Contract

Posted by Julian Burchby on 06/17/2011
Ecosulis commence a two year maintenance programme on behalf of Home Farm Trust.

Blackingstone Woods Tree Planting, Dartmoor

Posted by Cain Blythe - CEnv MIEMA MIEEM MSc BSc (Hons) on 04/28/2011
Ecosulis undertake tree planting works, planting 9000 native broadleaved trees, as a control measure against Sudden Oak Death.

Rockland Broad - Update

Posted by Glyn Onione on 04/15/2011
Update on reedbed creation works at Rockland Broad.

Greater Horseshoe Bats in South Devon – New Planning Guidance

Posted by Michael Williams - AIEEM BSc (Hons) on 04/07/2011
New planning guidance for greater horseshoe bats in the South Hams Special Area of Conservation has recently been issued. The implications of this planning guidance for developers, which can include bat surveys between April and October, are discussed. Ecosulis has years of experience with greater horseshoe bats and are happy to offer advice.

Rockland Broad - Erosion Control

Posted by Glyn Onione on 04/05/2011
Ecosulis works with Aquatic Engineering to develop erosion control solutions that have added biodiversity benefits.

Run of the river hydro

Posted by Rod Ellison on 03/24/2011
Run of the river hydro power is planned for a number of location since the FIT made the econmoics of these schemes tenable. What are the benefits of these projects and are they green?

Redundant weir removal

Posted by Rod Ellison on 03/23/2011
National a number of weirs are being removed; for what reason are what are the ecological implications?

Ecosulis Appoints a Wetland Specialist as Associate Director

Posted by Cain Blythe - CEnv MIEMA MIEEM MSc BSc (Hons) on 03/23/2011
Ecosulis is pleased to announce the appointment of Glyn Onione, a specialist with over 30 years experience in wetland creation and restoration.

Forest sell-off: U-turns, public & political outcry & forestry panels

Posted by Cain Blythe - CEnv MIEMA MIEEM MSc BSc (Hons) on 03/18/2011
The debate relating to forests continues, with the Environment Secretary announcing ongoing plans for a forests panel to hold hearings across England.

Renewable Heat Incentive Announcement

Posted by Roderick Ellison - MSc BSc (Hons) AIEMA on 03/18/2011
Following many months of discussion and speculation, The Coalition Government has now released the details of the RHI - Renewable Heat Incentive.