Today the rewilding and restoration space is characterised by an ever-growing number of inspirational stories, from Ecosulis's own projects through to the efforts of businesses, NGOs, academics, politicians and ordinary citizens across the globe. Here we present a selection of the latest and greatest.

How to Implement Successful Tree Planting Projects

Posted by Julian Burchby on 01/05/2011
Tree planting has many benefits and there is still time this year to implement your tree planting projects. We are also able to advise you on ways to gain tree planting and woodland grants and on the best ways to management your tree stock once established. With experienced and qualified staff we can design, supply, plant and maintain all types of tree planting schemes.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Posted by Hannah Maben - BSc (Hons) MIEEM on 12/22/2010
We at Ecosulis would like to wish all our clients, associates and visitors to our Blog a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for your continued support and interest in Ecosulis, 2010 has been a very exciting year for us.

Alan Feest Becomes an External Reviewer for the Greek, Russian, German and Serbian Governments

Posted by Dr Alan Feest PhD FCIWEM MIEEM PGCE on 12/22/2010
Ecosulis is pleased to announce that Dr Alan Feest our Scientific Advisor has been appointed by the Greek Deputy Minister for Education, Life Long Learning and Religious Affairs Prof. John Panaretos, to act as an external reviewer for the research program 'Archimedes III', which aims at the 'Enhancement of Research Groups at the Technological Educational Institutes of Greece'. This builds upon the work he has undertaken on behalf of the Russian, German and Serbian Governments.

Vegetation Clearance Works in 2010

Posted by Cain Blythe - CEnv MIEMA MIEEM MSc BSc (Hons) on 12/20/2010
Vegetation clearance or tree clearance is often one of the first steps required as part of land clearance projects and is often required to facilitate development or to manage conservation areas. Ecosulis is usually one of the first organisations on a site to undertake these works.

Ecosulis Ecological Surveys Continue Through the Winter Months

Posted by Sara King BSc (Hons) on 12/15/2010
The cold weather and dropping temperatures mean that several species in the UK hibernate, migrate or reduce their activity levels over the winter months. However, there are still a wide variety of ecological surveys that can be undertaken by Ecosulis during the winter months.

European biodiversity indicators

Posted by Dr Alan Feest PhD on 12/14/2010
The European Environment Agency (EEA) based in Copenhagen was tasked with setting up a system of indicators that could be used to show progress (or not) towards the 2010 international target (and EU commitment) to reduce the rate of loss of biodiversity and the results of this process and the final indicators are the subject of this report. As Published in In Practice - Bulletin of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management

Localism Bill - In a Pickle?

Posted by Rod Ellison on 12/09/2010
As we wrote earlier this year the Localism agenda proposes broad changes to our planning system. It was due to be passed in November and yet it seems likely that it will not be passed until next year.

The University of Exeter Big Dilemma Symposium: The Future of Renewable Energy in the UK – Lessons from the Severn Barrage

Posted by Hannah Maben - BSc (Hons) MIEEM on 12/07/2010
Ecosulis attended the above seminar on 3 December 2010, which is the first of many proposed by the University of Exeter’s ‘Big Dilemmas’ project. There was a strong opinion from some panelists and members of the audience that as well as promoting and supporting renewable energy schemes to increase the percentage of renewables in the energy mix, it is critical that action is taken now to reduce carbon emissions/energy consumption within the home, workplace and from the products and materials we use.

Ecosulis Reptile Survey and Mitigation

Posted by Sara King BSc (Hons) on 12/06/2010
There are six species of reptile native to the UK; adders, slow worms, grass snakes, smooth snakes, sand lizards and common lizards. This Blog summarises planning considerations (legal and policy) where suitable reptile habitat is present on a development site.

Aliens Invade Bath!

Posted by Michael Williams - AIEEM BSc (Hons) on 12/01/2010
Our Entomologist Mike Williams relays some of his experience dealing with the horror (!) of alien species and considers "would a giant spider or a ladybird be a bigger threat to Britain's wildlife?"

Solar panels on roofs - Avoiding potential impacts on birds and bats

Posted by James Tristram BSc (Hons) on 12/01/2010
Impacts on wildlife through the installation of solar panels is unlikely to have significant impacts on wildlife, but may require careful consideration to ensure they do not cause obstruction or disturbance. The Ecosulis team are happy to lend advice on what surveys are required to ensure that any solar installations fall within current wildlife legislation, as well as offering ideas of how best to accommodate birds and bats within the built environment.

Invertebrate survey for UKBAP and Red Data Book species

Posted by Michael Williams - AIEEM BSc (Hons) on 12/01/2010
Ecosulis undertakes a range of specialist invertebrate surveys across the UK. On sites of invertebrate interest, good mitigation and conservation schemes depend on the reliable identification of invertebrate species. Once the identifications are complete, Ecosulis is able to put together site-specific recommendations, tailored to the species found and species that may eventually colonise the site. Here is a detailed account of surveys undertaken by Ecosulis of a brownfield site in Wales.