Dr Paul Jepson

Posted by Dr Paul Jepson on 8/10/2019


The UK's national parks were created as part of progressive policy to reimagine our national identity after empire. Seventy years on, it is time to rethink their meaning and purpose.


New pastoralism and natural asset thinking could revitalise the UK's national parks.


Time for change

Posted by Dr Paul Jepson on 12/09/2019


A new scientific paper reveals the huge value-generating potential of Brazilian protected areas. As the first high-profile application of the Natural Asset Framework, the analysis has worldwide implications.    


Protected Areas - both in Brazil and across the world - could generate far more value for both nature and people. Image: Daniel Allen


Framework first

Posted by Dr Paul Jepson on 28/08/2019


This article by Dr. Paul Jepson first appeared on The freshwater blog on August 16, 2019.


Power washing canoes and kayaks after use can help remove fragments of invasive plant species and control their spread

between water bodies. Image: Paul Jepson


Posted by Dr Paul Jepson on 18/11/2018

The UK government recently stated its ambition to "leave our environment in a better state than we inherited it", and to "not just protect and conserve, but enhance and restore habitats and landscapes". Adopting the slogan "Protect the best, recover the rest", unifies these ambitions. We not only need to protect the best regulations, policies and natural areas developed to date, but also forge ahead and engage new audiences in new conservation narratives suited to an era of accelerating change.