Posted by Daniel Allen on 18/03/2021


The pioneering graduate internship programme kicks off on the first ever World Rewilding Day (March 20). Designed to engage young people in rewilding, it will harness their skills, energy and desire to advance nature recovery in the UK and beyond.   


The Ecosulis graduate rewilding internship programme launches on World Rewilding Day, which is organised by the Global Rewilding Alliance.


Posted by Suzi Cross on 18/01/2021


At Ecosulis we believe that keeping our employees engaged, motivated and mentally well is critically important. Small, positive changes can mean a lot and benefit many - both in January and throughout the year.



Posted by Daniel Allen on 7/01/2021


As a lead author for the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), Dr. Alan Feest has co-authored a recently published paper on saline lakes in Europe and Central Asia. The recommendations it contains could lead to improved conservation measures.       


Posted by Daniel Allen on 6/01/2021


Co-authored by Dr. Paul Jepson and Cain Blythe, "Rewilding: The Radical New Science of Ecological Recovery" is rapidly becoming one of the go-to books for those looking to learn more about the science of nature restoration.    



Posted by Daniel Allen on 2/12/2020


New research has found that most of the world's vertebrate populations are in better shape than previously thought. This gives new cause for optimism that efforts to restore wild nature can and will make a difference.


Rewilding offers a positive and pragmatic way forward for all those concerned about the ecological health of our planet. Credit: Daniel Allen


Unjustified negativity

Posted by Daniel Allen on 6/11/2020


The CreditNATURE project, which will see Ecosulis and partners work together with the Bunloit Estate in the Scottish Highlands, could unlock new revenue streams for rewilding initiatives by allowing them to issue carbon, biodiversity and rewilding credits. The project has been funded through Innovate UK's Sustainable Innovation Fund.


Transformative funding

Posted by Daniel Allen on 28/10/2020


With a wealth of business experience and commercial expertise, Jeff will help take the company forward in a number of key areas.   


Ecosulis is thrilled to announce that Jeff Davitt has been appointed as the company's new nature recovery finance director. With a background in business and accounting and a longstanding passion for wild nature, he brings a unique and hugely valuable skillset to the position.