Rewilding & restoration

Posted by Daniel Allen on 6/11/2020


The CreditNATURE project, which will see Ecosulis and partners work together with the Bunloit Estate in the Scottish Highlands, could unlock new revenue streams for rewilding initiatives by allowing them to issue carbon, biodiversity and rewilding credits. The project has been funded through Innovate UK's Sustainable Innovation Fund.


Transformative funding

Posted by Daniel Allen on 28/10/2020


With a wealth of business experience and commercial expertise, Jeff will help take the company forward in a number of key areas.   


Ecosulis is thrilled to announce that Jeff Davitt has been appointed as the company's new nature recovery finance director. With a background in business and accounting and a longstanding passion for wild nature, he brings a unique and hugely valuable skillset to the position.


Posted by Daniel Allen on 11/05/2020


As Ecosulis Nature Recovery Lead Dr. Paul Jepson explains, there's never been a better time to rewild your garden.  


Rewilders great and small

Wild nature is currently at a low ebb in Britain: once common birds and insects have suffered sharp declines because our landscapes are too intensively managed and treated with chemicals. Rewilding - as the hopeful and exciting science and practice of ecological recovery - can help nature bounce back and recover its vibrant abundance.

Posted by Daniel Allen on 9/03/2020


At this year's PlantLife debate, a panel comprising Professor Dieter Helm (University of Oxford), Clare Pillman (Chief Executive Natural Resources Wales), Dr. Trevor Dines (PlantLife Botanical Specialist) and Ecosulis Nature Recovery Lead Dr. Paul Jepson discussed the question of whether rewilding works for plants. The following blog is based on Dr. Paul Jepson's response.



Posted by Daniel Allen on 12/02/2020


Co-authored by Ecosulis Nature Recovery Lead Dr. Paul Jepson, a new paper by Oxford University scientists suggests that the landscape-scale rewilding of the Arctic tundra is economically viable and could play a significant role in slowing global warming.     



Posted by Daniel Allen on 12/12/2019


Rewilding offers solutions to our current climate and nature emergencies. Today 15 leading European rewilding organisations are calling for a wilder Europe and the inclusion of rewilding in the European Green Deal and EU Biodiversity Strategy post-2020.



A call to collaborate