Rewilding Design Services

Rewilding is a progressive approach to land management that is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and beyond. It’s about working with the restored forces of nature to recover ecological processes and biological abundance in ways that generate new revenue streams and value for people and society. Through rewilding, nature’s rhythms create vibrant landscapes and more rewarding and meaningful lifestyles.

Ecosulis personnel have in-depth rewilding expertise and insight. Ecosulis Managing Director Cain Blythe and Nature Recovery Lead Dr. Paul Jepson have co-authored a book on rewilding - titled “Rewilding: The Radical New Science of Ecological Recovery” – which was published in 2020 to widespread positive review. Read more about the book in this blog.

Dr. Paul Jepson has also published numerous scientific papers on rewilding-related subjects and is considered one of the UK’s foremost rewilding thought leaders. He was instrumental in drawing up Rewilding Europe’s Call to Action for a Wilder Europe and the Global Charter for Rewilding the Earth.

For those organisations and initiatives embarking on rewilding projects, or looking to learn more about rewilding, Ecosulis can offer the following services:

  • Rewilding visioning, design and management planning
  • Rewilding communications and PR
  • Rewilding policy advice and support
  • Rewilding monitoring and measurement
  • Rewilding revenue streams and finance
  • Rewilding and habitat contracting


Want to know more?

To discuss how the Ecosulis Biodiversity Team could add value to your business, please contact Dr. Paul Jepson, Ecosulis Nature Recovery Lead (07741 669 822 /