Badger Surveys

Badgers are common throughout the UK and are protected under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. Many development projects impact upon badgers and theirsetts, and Ecosulis has extensive experience in providing cost-efficient and effective solutions for all aspects of badger survey, mitigation and licensing, including:

Consulting                                                             Contracting

Badger surveys and monitoring: Sett status assessment/monitoring and bait marking (required to estimate territory sizes)

Masterplanning: Advising on how to incorporate badgers into development

Badger mitigation: Design of artificial setts, wildlife corridors, underpasses, badger-proof fencing, beneficial planting schedules and management plans

Licences: Statutory National Government Organisation licences in England, Wales and Scotland


Sett closure: Badger sett closures, including installation of gates, installation of badger fencing and destruction of setts, including live digs

Habitat enhancement and creation: Installation of artificial setts, and habitat enhancement such as planting of native fruit-bearing trees and establishment of connective corridors

Habitat management:  Traditional management of hedgerows, woodlands, scrub and orchards, and maintenance of underpasses and permanent fencing



Handy facts about badgers:

  • Badger sett surveys can be undertaken at any time of year; however, they are often most effective during the winter months when vegetation is least dense
  • Badger bait marking surveys are most effective between February and April
  • Badger sett closure, even under licence, is generally only allowed outside the badger breeding season i.e. between 1 July and 30 November