Bat Mitigation Strategies to Support Planning

Low likelihood of bat presence

In cases where further emergence or swarming surveys have been scoped out on the basis of low likelihood of bats being present, or where the potential of bats cannot be fully ruled out despite a reasonable level of bat survey, it is necessary to demonstrate at the planning stage that mitigation can be easily incorporated into the development proposals.  Details of precautionary methods of working (potentially including pre-works surveys) and action to be taken in the unlikely event of any bats (or evidence of bats) being encountered during the implementation of the works should also be provided.  This could be in the form of a short statement within or alongside a bat assessment and survey(s) report. 

Confirmed bat presence

Where the presence of bat roosts is confirmed and impacts cannot be avoided, it is necessary to submit a detailed mitigation strategy in support of planning.  This detailed strategy must be supported by sufficient survey effort and should identify the mitigation that will be incorporated into the development to maintain favourable conservation status of the bat species affected. 

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