Bats are afforded protection under UK and European law and therefore if they are present on your site you may face regulatory hurdles that can be difficult to overcome.  In addition the repercussions in the event of non-compliance are serious, such as fines up to £5,000 or 6 months imprisonment. 

As the most experienced ecological consultancy and contractor in the UK, Ecosulis aims to ensure that you experience better outcomes on your project. In advising you on the ecological issues arising from your project we will of course be looking to suggest workable solutions to any constraints faced.  We will also ensure that you are aware of your responsibilities and potential exposures under the legal framework.

Bats can be found almost anywhere in a building and are known to cause long delays if planning applications do not take them into account. They also require large areas of terrestrial habitat for their foraging and commuting requirements. You may have already experienced difficulties with bats and are looking for a practical solution that doesn't jeopardise the viability of your project.  

Contact us now and we will be able to help put your project on track. Read below for further information relating to the protection afforded to bats.  

 Bat Survey

All species of British bat are fully protected under the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, as amended.

Some species of bat are frequently encountered throughout the UK, while others are quite rare. Bats roost within a variety of structures occupied or managed by humans, such as buildings, bridges, quarries, mines and trees. As such, bats can be encountered during different stages of a project and, because of their legal protection, it is important to take account of bats in the design, management and mitigation proposals for projects.

Ecosulis employs ecologists working under licences from Natural England and Countryside Council for Wales, and offers services including:

Consulting                                                             Contracting

Bat surveys and monitoring: Daytime bat surveys, bat habitat suitability assessment, tree climbing and endoscope surveys, emergence/swarming surveys, activity surveys, automated surveys, pre-demolition surveys/checks and monitoring

Masterplanning: Advising on how to incorporate bats into development

Bat mitigation: Design of roost creation/modification, foraging and commuting habitats, sensitive lighting, beneficial planting schemes and management plans

Licences: Statutory National Government Organisation licences in England, Wales and Scotland


Roost closure: Exclusion, soft demolition, capture and release and Ecological Clerk of Works

Habitat enhancement and creation: Roost construction, erection of bat boxes, planting and landscaping

Habitat management:  Traditional management of hedgerows, woodlands, grasslands and scrub, and tree management works



We are also able to provide other specialised survey services such as:

  • Arboricultural assessment of trees to determine suitability for bats
  • Aerial climbing surveys for bats in trees
  • Use of cherry picker and scissor lifts to survey for bats in bridges
  • Use of caving equipment to survey for bats in caves, mines and quarries
  • Radiotracking and netting (for more detailed bat surveys)
  • Use of static bat monitoring equipment