Biodiversity Asset Assessment

  • Outcome: An accurate, insightful and actionable assessment of the biodiversity value of natural assets.  


The challenge

Large landowners frequently need to compare the biodiversity value of their various sites, and to know the overall value of their landholdings. They need to make informed decisions about where to target funding, and how schemes and projects are affecting their biodiversity assets.


The solution

Ecosulis designs bespoke habitat valuation calculators to meet the specific needs of landowners. These are based on the Defra Metric to ensure compliance with national standards, but also take into account additional factors, such as connectivity and the presence of protected habitats and species. In addition, our calculators can provide a forecast of how habitats could be improved for biodiversity. This allows users to set targets and manage resources by targeting funding to those areas where the greatest gains could be achieved.


Want to know more?

Case studies involving application of the Ecosulis biodiversity asset assessment service can be viewed here:



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