Biodiversity Monitoring

  • Outcome: An accurate, insightful and actionable assessment of how biodiversity has changed as a result of habitat restoration or conservation projects.


The challenge

Biodiversity monitoring is undertaken regularly as part of habitat restoration or conservation projects. However, often the survey fails to answer practical questions associated with that project's outcomes, or to determine whether biodiversity-related targets have been met.


The solution

Ecosulis has developed a standardised method to monitor the changes in biodiversity resulting from specific ecological projects. Our methodology includes selecting the most meaningful indicators to show change in biodiversity quality and ecological processes.

We have developed an innovative, automated way of monitoring many of these indicators. This includes the use of DNA barcoding, bioacoustics detectors and UAV drones.

The unique biodiversity quality calculator (BQC) from Ecosulis also provides a robust, multi-indicator assessment of how projects impact biodiversity.

Our team of biodiversity experts is highly experienced in designing and implementing biodiversity monitoring schemes.


Want to know more?

Case studies involving application of the Ecosulis biodiversity monitoring service can be viewed here:



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