Biodiversity Quality Calculator (BQC)

  • Number of project applications: 50+
  • Outcome : Accurate, insightful and actionable measurement of biodiversity change.


The challenge

Today biodiversity is declining in many parts of the world. As efforts to reverse this trend are intensified, accurate biodiversity measurement is critical, enabling the right decisions to be made regarding land management and habitat restoration. Yet biodiversity is complex and cannot be effectively measured using species richness alone.

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it! 

The solution

Based on years of dedicated research, Ecosulis has developed the Biodiversity Quality Calculator - a unique and highly specialised tool that measures change in biodiversity quality. It provides quantitative outputs, generating information related to specially selected biodiversity indices. It can efficiently process historical as well as newly collected data.


The BQC benefits businesses by:


  • Enabling better decision making regarding biodiversity-related strategy
  • Saving money through improved biodiversity management
  • Facilitating cost/benefit analyses related to biodiversity and people
  • Enabling accurate biodiversity asset assessment
  • Generating positive publicity and demonstrating where biodiversity gains are being made


BQC applications


Species reintroductions

Rewilding is becoming an increasingly accepted method for ecological restoration and biodiversity conservation across Europe, and often involves the reintroduction of keystone species such as beavers, pine martens and lynx. The BQC has been used to measure the impact such species have on biodiversity and ecosystem function.


Habitat restoration

The BQC can be used to determine whether landscape plans and proposed planting mixes will generate biodiversity gains. It can also be used to monitor the progress of habitat restoration projects and assess achievement of biodiversity targets. This is important as habitat restoration project funding is often linked to targets and performance indicators.


Land management

While land management is frequently used within nature reserves and designated sites to improve biodiversity, the impact of various management regimes is often poorly understood. By providing a comprehensive assessment of how land management affects biodiversity the BQC can inform decision making and enable cost/benefit analyses.


Environment agency projects

Biodiversity is frequently central to Environment Agency projects. The BQC represents a cost effective way of generating standardised biodiversity baselines and effective biodiversity targets, and of monitoring project progress.  


Want to know more?

Case studies involving application of the BQC can be viewed here:



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