Winter Bird Surveys

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (and amendments) makes it illegal to intentionally kill, injure, or take any wild bird, their eggs or nests. Further penalties can occur for offences related to birds listed on Schedule 1, such as barn owls, kingfishers and red kites. These offences include intentional or reckless disturbance to these birds at their nests, or to their dependent young.

Birds are found in all habitat types and may require some or all parts of a site at different times of year for breeding, rearing young, foraging, display or roosting.

Ecosulis employs bird experts and licence holders (e.g. for barn owls) and offers services including:

Consulting Contracting

Bird surveys and monitoring: Breeding bird surveys, migratory/passage bird surveys, winter farmland bird surveys, wetland bird counts, flight activity surveys, and bespoke and species-specific surveys

Masterplanning: Advising on how to incorporate birds into development

Bird mitigation: Design of nesting, foraging and refuge habitats, beneficial planting schemes and management plans

Licences: Statutory National Government Organisation licences in England, Wales and Scotland


Habitat disturbance: Tree and building inspections, installation of bird deterrents, vegetation management and clearance, and Ecological Clerk of Works

Habitat enhancement and creation: Bird-box installation, wetland, grassland, scrub and woodland creation, green corridor planting and landscaping

Habitat management: Maintaining wetland habitats (grassland, shoreline, open water and islands) and traditional management of hedgerows, scrub, woodland/trees and grasslands