A discrete snapshot of trends, movements and leanings within social groups, enabling better conservation-related decision making.  



The challenge

We want to engage, inspire, inform and mobilise people, but we know that society and social groups are highly diverse. How do we know what ideas, opinions, issues and places resonate with particular social groups, and which are "trending"?


The solution

Culturomics is the study of human culture through the analysis of changes in word frequencies in enormous digital text databases. It can be used to promote and demonstrate public interest in nature, identify new conservation emblems, provide new metrics and tools to monitor human interactions with the environment, frame conservation issues, and assess the impact of conservation interventions.

Ecosulis applies culturomics as a tool that can capture unique information and provide insightful, real-time information to enable better conservation-related decision making.


Want to know more?

For a no obligation discussion about how the Ecosulis culturomics tool might add value to your project or business, please contact Dr. Paul Jepson, Ecosulis Nature Recovery Lead ( / 01225 876 974).