Ecological consultancy and contracting services for defence developments.

Ecosulis has gained all necessary security clearance and health and safety clearance for a range of defence sites, including the Salisbury Plain Training Area, RAF Brize Norton, RAF Innsworth, RAF Yeovilton and Alton Barracks.

Defence sites are often already very rich in biodiversity and tree stock due to many sites having received local, national and international biodiversity designations. Also, the Defence Estates have access to very experienced individuals and conservation groups, who understand the biodiversity needs of a site and work closely with organisations such as Natural England. Ecosulis is able to build upon this existing resource and work with the Defence Estates, members of their Suppliers Association, the MoD and their consultants and statutory consultees, to ensure that the needs of biodiversity, trees and defence are balanced.

Ecosulis has the experience to deliver tailor-made and cost-effective solutions to help defence projects remain on time and on budget from inception to completion. We operate throughout the UK and work with our clients to identify potential ecological and arboricultural constraints and opportunities at the outset to avoid costly delays at the later stages of a project. With our in-depth knowledge of current legislation and environmental policy, we can devise strategies to avoid conflict, deliver projects and achieve positive biodiversity gain.