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Ecosulis has been involved in a wide diversity of energy sector projects.  Our ecological consulting team have expertise in the approach to application to both Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) and central government.

Our experience covers most technologies.  For instance, in the renewables sector we are currently actively involved in wind, solar photovoltaic, energy from waste and anaerobic digestion projects.  We understand sector specific methodologies and strive to for technical excellence in all we do. 

Currently we are supporting developers securing consent and operational permits for a number of sub 50 MWe STOR projects. Whilst working on large energy sector project we have managed surveys and  consent applications for significant supporting infrastructure; for instance cross country pipelines, cable connectors, Above Ground Installation, Sub Stations, Pressure Reduction Stations etcetera.

Central to our approach is the reduction of consenting risk on large complex applications.  We are always working towards increasing certainty for our clients.  Our in-house ecological expertise complements energy sector development; for instance expertise in brownfield ecology and bird and bat surveys.  

View examples of our work within this sector
  • Avonmouth Wind Turbine
  • Refuelling Plant
  • Cirl Bunting, Nightjar and Horseshoe Activity Surveys
  • Newport Biomass
  • Pipeline Determination
  • Ventnor Golf Club
  • RNAS Yeovilton
  • Severn Power Station
  • Environmental Planning - Solar PV
  • Thermal Power
  • PV Feasibility Studies
  • Wind Power Sector
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