Habitat creation and restoration

Whether a habitat restoration or creation project is to facilitate construction, improve places for people or is conservation-driven, Ecosulis can deliver your design, or provide a design and build service, to meet the specific requirements of the project.

We work to restore or create:

  • Aquatic/wetland habitat, e.g. ponds, lakes, reedbeds, swales
  • Riparian habitats, e.g. rivers, streams, rhynes, ditches
  • Grassland habitats, e.g. species-rich neutral, acidic and calcareous grassland, rush pasture and wet grassland communities
  • Woodland
  • Scrub
  • Hedgerows.

Often the habitat creation or restoration projects we work on aim to accommodate multiple issues such as public enjoyment, invasive plants, algae in ponds, grazing effects of deer or geese etc. In addition, they are often designed with a particular animal, group of animals or species in mind. Our experience with UK and European legislation ensures that schemes are legally compliant and delivered to the exacting standards set by regulators.

Ecosulis Habitat Creation team has particular experience creating habitats for:

  • Badgers, bats, water voles, otters, dormice and other UK mammals
  • Great crested newts and other UK amphibians
  • All UK reptiles
  • Barn owls, wildfowl and other UK birds
  • Stag beetles, white-clawed crayfish and other terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates.