Habitat Design

If you have ever had the experience of habitat design projects failing from the outset, suffering from escalating costs or those that have significant ongoing maintenance and management obligations you would feel justified being concerned about committing to habitat design projects. 

Where your role requires you to take account of the needs of existing stakeholders, wildlife, future generations and costs, you will want to rely on an organisation you can trust. You will want to know what the budget requirements are and what the related risk factors are for the project. You may have questions about how long the project will take, what time of year can it be completed, how do you ensure the work will be successful and what will the ongoing costs of maintenance and management be? 

If any of these factors are relevant to you, we believe we can be of assistance. Ecosulis is the most experienced ecological consultancy and contractor in the UK. Whilst this is unique in and of itself, we do not just design habitats, we deliver and manage them as well.

Our consultants are able to design a project and if we are successful with securing the contracting element as well we will deduct the initial cost from the main works. 

For more information about our contracting services view our contracting welcome page.