Habitat survey and assessment

High-quality survey data provide a foundation upon which all ecological work must be based. Ecosulis offers expert knowledge of standard techniques typically used by statutory consultees such as Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, DEFRA and the Environment Agency. In addition we have pioneered our own survey techniques for specific habitats and species groups.

Standardised surveys undertaken by Ecosulis include:

  • Extended Phase 1 habitat survey
  • Phase 2 surveys – see Services by Species for further information
  • National Vegetation Classification
  • River Corridor Survey
  • River Habitat Survey


Ecosulis offers a comprehensive survey and assessment service that covers all plant and animal groups, including those specifically protected by UK and European wildlife legislation and included on the UK Biodiversity Action Plans. We hold handling and disturbance licences for a range of protected species.

Species/groups covered are as follows:

  • Badgers
  • Bats
  • Dormice
  • Otters
  • Water voles
  • Great crested newts
  • Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Invertebrates
  • Habitats and plants
  • Specialist groups