Habitat Valuation

An accurate, insightful and actionable assessment of habitat value. 


The challenge

It is often difficult to compare the biodiversity value of various sites, and to know the overall biodiversity value of landholdings. This information can be crucial when making land management decisions.


The solution

Ecosulis offers a landscape-scale habitat valuation and land assessment tool to help landowners manage net gain and forecast habitat values. The tool includes information relating to habitat condition, distinctiveness, priority species/habitat, and connectivity. It can be adapted to include additional factors.


The tool can also be used to predict the impact of changes in management, which helps inform cost/benefit analysis. If you manage a woodland and want to improve ground flora through prescribed fire or thinning, for example, the tool will help analyse various scenarios to maximise biodiversity value and habitat succession success. It can also be used for biodiversity offsetting procedures and ecosystem service assessments.


Want to know more?

To discuss how the Ecosulis Habitats Team could add value to your business, please contact Abbey Fortescue, Ecosulis Business Development Manager (07824 018841 / abbey.fortescue@ecosulis.co.uk).