Highways & Transport

Ecological consultancy and contracting services for highways and transport, including motorways, other roads, rail lines, canal networks, airports, ferry ports and cycle routes.

Ecosulis has a proven track record of taking an innovative approach to highways and transport developments that ensures designs and plans are accepted by the relevant statutory consultees and that the needs of biodiversity, trees and construction are balanced. The methodologies used to assess impacts upon linear features expand upon those conventionally used for other developments as set out by the Chartered Institute for Ecology and Environmental Management. We are experienced in the use of standardised methods for assessing biodiversity affected by highways and transport developments, such as the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges and Environmental Impact Assessment. In addition, some of our staff hold Personal Track Safety (PTS) cards, which enables us to provide ecological and arboricultural consultancy services on railways.

Highways and transport developments have different requirements from commercial, residential or industrial developments since the construction of linear features and supporting infrastructure has distinctly different impacts upon biodiversity and trees.

Ecosulis has the experience to deliver tailor-made and cost-effective solutions to help highways and transport projects remain on time and on budget from inception to completion. We operate throughout the UK and work with our clients to identify potential ecological and arboricultural constraints and opportunities at the outset, to avoid costly delays at the later stages of a project. With our in-depth knowledge of current legislation and environmental policy, we can devise strategies to avoid conflict, deliver projects and achieve positive biodiversity gain.