Verdant Blanket

Ecosulis has contributed to the design of one of the most advanced green roofing products in the UK.

Verdant Blanket is a unique product that offers a viable alternative to sedum green roofs. It consists entirely of species of UK native provenance and has been designed to address the need for an alternative to sedum and also to meet the needs of our clients.

The provenance and mix of species of Verdant Blanket has been prepared in consultation with our ecologists who are members of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and Chartered Environmentalists, as well as expert horticulturalists with over 30 years relevant experience.

Our continued input into the product will ensure that the species assemblage and dominance can be tailored to meet project requirements, and that BREEAM ECO ratings are maximised, Biodiversity Action Plan species are supported and that there is an overall gain in biodiversity in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 9.

If you are interested in sharing in the success of this innovative green roof product please contact us for further information, or to purchase the product contact our green roof partners Sky Garden Ltd on 01242 620905 or visit their website for further contact details

Further to our experience with Verdant Blanket we are currently designing a range of other products that we believe will provide additional innovations in the green roof market.

Floating reedbeds

The development of floating reed rafts has dramatically increased the range of applications for reedbed technology throughout the world for the bio-sequestration of nutrient and heavy metal loadings in aqueous environments.

Ecosulis has contributed to the design and enhancement of floating reedbed systems alongside its partners Aquatic Engineering (

Our contributions ensure that the reedbeds incorporate appropriate species and provenance of plants and that the overall benefits to biodiversity are maximised.  

Floating reedbeds can be retrofitted in existing rivers, canals, lakes and reservoirs to improve water quality in situ by the bio-sequestration of nutrients and heavy metals, and the binding of suspended solids, including planktonic algae and coliform bacteria within the root biomass. Our designs have added benefit by providing:

  • Refuges for fish and fry
  • Wildfowl habitat creation and nesting islands
  • Nutrient absorption resulting in long-term algae control
  • Scum, detritus, suspended solids and silt entrapment
  • Phytoremediation  - bio-sequestration of heavy metals and contaminants
  • Visual enhancement of urban lakes


Pollution control

Ecosulis has significant understanding and appreciation of the requirements of water quality issues and the impact these can have on biodiversity.

Therefore, we have been working with our partners Aquatic Engineering ( to address the needs of the Water Framework Directive and to ensure that watercourses can be maintained at or returned to Good Ecological Status or Potential.

We have designed structures that remove both organic and inorganic contaminants from water, thereby creating conditions in which biodiversity can flourish as well as providing a safe haven for protected species.

We are also developing a range of environmental applications for a product known as EnviroCell. This product can be filled with a number of site-won materials to create bio-engineered structures that can be vegeted with native terrestrial and aquatic plants creating a structurally sound and biodiverse feature for use in a range of scenarios including:

  • Green walls
  • Bird hides
  • Secure compounds
  • Canal and river revetments
  • Other temporary or permanent structures



Ecosulis is currently designing a number of biochar-related products that we hope will be available in the UK by 2011 – keep an eye out on our Blog or Twitter feed!!