Local Authority & Governmental

Ecological consultancy and contracting services for local authority and governmental departments, including development sites, country parks, open spaces, conservation and biodiversity areas, designated sites, golf courses and research projects.

Ecosulis has a very strong and long-standing relationship with local authorities and governmental departments throughout the UK and Europe, offering a diverse range of services on projects with development, social and conservation objectives. We offer attractive pricing, a proactive approach and strong communication channels with our clients, thus ensuring the early identification and timely resolution of issues.

Ecosulis has the experience to deliver tailor-made and cost-effective solutions to help local authority and governmental projects remain on time and on budget from inception to completion. We work with our clients to identify potential ecological constraints and opportunities at the outset, to avoid costly delays at the later stages of a project. With our in-depth knowledge of current legislation and environmental policy, we can devise strategies to avoid conflict, deliver projects and achieve positive biodiversity gain.