Natural Capital Mapping

Natural capital - the stocks of natural assets which occur in a region - generate ecosystem services and benefits for society, such as pollination, natural flood management and outdoor recreation. Understanding the natural capital of a region helps us to locate where it is currently generating ecosystem services, the places where people currently most need these services, and where we should invest in the creation or enhancement of natural capital assets.


By mapping our natural capital, we can create a workable framework for integrating its present and potential value into spatial decision making. By strategically managing and investing in natural capital, we can move to a richer, healthier environment and benefit a wide cross-section of society. This, in turn, contributes to objectives set out in the UK government's 25 Year Environment Plan of 2018.


Our Natural Capital Mapping Services

Drawing on our deep knowledge and collective expertise, the Ecosulis team uses pioneering methods in spatial mapping, building on the habitat scoring approach developed by Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute.


This case study outlines how we worked with the Gloucestershire LNP on a natural capital mapping project that has enabled them to successfully plan and mitigate risk in their county for the long term.


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