The otter is fully protected under the Conservation (Natural Habitats & c.) (Amendment) Regulations 2007 and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, as amended.

This species is a secretive animal that is generally confined to watercourses, wetlands and coastal areas. It can have territories extending up to 20km and will use a variety of habitats for the establishment of holts (breeding sites) and resting areas. The distribution of otters is currently thought to be expanding throughout the UK.

Ecosulis employs otter specialists and offers services including:

Consulting                                                             Contracting

Otter surveys and monitoring

Masterplanning: Advising on how to incorporate otters into development

Otter mitigation: Design of holts, underpasses, foraging and commuting habitats, sensitive lighting, beneficial planting schemes and management plans

Licences: Statutory National Government Organisation licences in England, Wales and Scotland


Habitat disturbance: Ecological Clerk of Works

Habitat enhancement and creation: Installation of artificial holts, planting and landscaping

Habitat management:  Sensitive management of riparian habitats, including scrub, grassland and woodland/trees, pond and lake management, and in-channel habitats