Our Story

At Ecosulis we specialise in making our clients' nature restoration ambitions a reality. We do this by delivering habitat design and nature recovery initiatives that leave a positive and lasting legacy. With expertise developed over 30 years of operation, our pioneering, science-based consultancy is complemented perfectly by hands-on contracting services.

Ecosulis has already protected and enhanced wild nature at multiple sites across the United Kingdom, offering a wide range of services that include everything from natural capital mapping and virtual surveying to wetland restoration and woodland planting. Underpinned by our investment in cutting edge research, innovation and technology, we continue to create and manage landscape-scale habitats that enrich biodiversity and benefit businesses, communities and society at large.  

With attitudes towards conservation and natural resources now shifting, today we have a unique opportunity to add value on an even greater scale. Join us as we work towards a future where biodiversity, habitats and people can all flourish.

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