Protected species survey and assessment

In addition to the standard surveys described in the wildlife survey and assessment section, Ecosulis specialises in the survey and assessment of the following protected species:

  • Bats (all species) – emergence, transect, swarming, mist netting and radiotracking
  • Great crested newt – bottle trapping, pitfall trapping, egg searches, torching and netting
  • Dormouse – hazelnut searches, nest tube and nest-box surveys
  • Otter and water voles
  • Badger – sett identification and bait marking
  • Reptiles (all species) – presence/absence survey and translocation exercises
  • Birds – breeding bird survey, waterways bird survey, timed tetrad survey, roving records, wetland bird survey, migratory and over wintering bird survey, species-specific (e.g. barn owl) survey and tree/building inspections
  • Invertebrates – including white-clawed crayfish, stag beetle and southern damselfly
  • Protected habitats and plants

Ecosulis also has in-house expertise and an extensive network of contacts that can undertake surveys in relation to the less frequently encountered protected species, such as fungi, lichens, bryophytes, slime moulds and algae.

If there is a specific-species survey that you require that is not included within this list, please contact us to discuss the potential survey requirements.

In many cases we design the surveys to ensure that they follow recognised guidelines such as the "Great Crested Newt Mitigation Guidelines" or "Bat Mitigation Guidelines" produced by Natural England or those produced by the Herpetofauna Groups of Britain and Ireland.