Site monitoring and management

Wildlife legislation and "best practice" guidance stipulate that the population status of species and condition of habitats are monitored throughout the development period and for consecutive years following development. Ecosulis undertakes long-term monitoring for a range of species and habitats including all of those listed within the wildlife survey and assessment and protected species survey and assessment

Often monitoring is undertaken to determine what level of management is required to ensure that the populations or habitats in question are maintained at "favourable conservation status". Ecosulis undertakes all elements of wildlife management in relation to all species and habitats, in accordance with national guidelines and "best practice". For information relating to our countryside management services please click on Ecosulis countryside management.

Long-term monitoring and management of sites are frequently a legal requirement of mechanisms such as development licences, Section 106 Agreements and planning conditions. Ecosulis can provide expert advice to determine the level of monitoring and management required for proposed and existing development sites.

Measuring biodiversity is a unique service that Ecosulis offers to clients. This is the provision of biodiversity measurement for most taxonomic groups, which allows the setting of targets and baselines showing the value of the interventions and management. It can then be demonstrated that biodiversity has improved as a direct result of actions taken by the client. These methods have been published and validated in the scientific media.