Wildlife fencing

Ecosulis has installed all forms of wildlife fence since 1990. We have estimated that we have installed in excess of 200 kilometers of newt and reptile fence in this time which we believe demonstrates our overall capability, quality and competitiveness.

Great Crested Newt Fencing

Our fencing team works with our consulting team to manage all aspects of the European Protected Species licensing process, so if you need great crested newt fence installed we can either manage the whole process or install a great crested newt fence under an existing licence. Either way you are assured of an expert and comprehensive service tailored to meet your needs. Over the years we have installed temporary great crested newt polythene fencing, permanent great crested newt fencing (powder coated (green) recycled aluminium fence, HDPE or MDPE plastic fence) and great crested newt fence affixed to stock, post and rail, chestnut pale or security fencing. 

Reptile Fencing

Reptile fence can be installed in its own right or as part of an overall mitigation strategy for reptiles such as habitat manipulation, hibernacula creation, translocation and reptile fencing. We are able to develop the strategy that best meets the timing constraints of a project, as well as the ecological needs of reptile species present.

Water Vole Fencing

Ecosulis is able to install all types of water vole fencing including marine ply and HDPE plastic water vole fencing that is often specified by landscape architects and general consultancies. We are also able to offer extremely competitive alternative forms of water vole fence that ensure that water voles are fully excluded  to ensure that translocation projects and exclusion projects are successful.

Badger and Otter Fencing

Our badger and otter fence accords with the required of the DMRB/Highways Agency guidelines and can be installed with or without gates and  tunnels. Badger fencing and otter fencing can also be installed that is combined with great crested newt fencing, if appropriate. 

Agricultural Fencing

Since we are often involved in large scale projects it is often very cost effective for us to install all forms of fencing required, including rabbit fence, stockproof fence, barbed wire fence, wooden fencing, heras fence, chestnust pale fence and other forms of agricultural, landscape and construction fencing. Should you have a more general fencing requirement please do not hesitate to contact us.