Conserving and boosting biodiversity is a cornerstone of every Ecosulis project. Operating at landscape scale, we maintain, upgrade and connect critical ecosystems and protected areas as we work to enhance wild nature and benefit society.


Developing and leveraging technology is one of our core strengths. Our commitment to advancing biodiversity data collection and quantitative assessment enables us to measure project outcomes accurately and efficiently and create the optimal conditions for nature to flourish.


Led by Ecosulis Nature Recovery Lead Dr. Paul Jepson, the Ecosulis Biodiversity Department offers clients a wide range of biodiversity-related services.


Biodiversity asset assessment

Ecosulis designs bespoke habitat valuation calculators to meet the specific needs of landowners. Based on the Defra Metric to ensure compliance with national standards, these also take into account additional factors such as connectivity and the presence of protected habitats and species.



Biodiversity monitoring

Ecosulis has developed a standardised method for monitoring changes in biodiversity resulting from specific ecological projects. We have developed an innovative, automated way of monitoring many relevant indicators, which includes the use of DNA barcoding, bioacoustic detectors and UAV drones.



Biodiversity Quality Calculator (BQC)

Based on years of dedicated research, Ecosulis has developed the Biodiversity Quality Calculator (or BQC) - a unique and highly specialised tool that measures change in biodiversity quality. It provides quantitative outputs, generating information related to specially selected biodiversity indices. It can efficiently process historical as well as newly collected data.



Biodiversity strategy

Ecosulis's innovative biodiversity strategy service integrates a wide range of  landscape-scale information. This includes intactness, land cover, priority habitats and species, designated sites, connectivity and potential links to other conservation schemes, such as Plantlife road verges or Buglife B lines.




Rewilding is a progressive approach to land management that is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and beyond. In essence, it's about enhancing wild nature to create healthier, more resilient ecosystems that can deliver wide-ranging benefits to people and business.

Ecosulis personnel have in-depth rewilding expertise and insight, and we offer a wide rage of rewilding-related services.  



Want to know more? 

To discuss how the Ecosulis Biodiversity Team could add value to your business, please contact Dr. Paul Jepson, Ecosulis Nature Recovery Lead (07741 669 822 /