High quality habitat is critical to maintaining biodiversity and supporting the comeback of wild nature. Our hugely experienced Habitats Department, led by Technical Director Simon Butler, understands the challenges associated with habitat creation and restoration, from conception and design right through to implementation and monitoring.


Our proprietary Biodiversity Quality Calculator can be used to monitor the progress of habitat restoration projects and assess achievement of biodiversity targets. This is important as habitat restoration project funding is often linked to targets and performance indicators. We are also experienced in using innovative methods such as drone surveys and sophisticated mapping to realise improved outcomes.


In addition to designing and creating new habitats, Ecosulis also restores a wide range of established habitats - from reedbeds and woodlands to wildflower meadows and lakes. Our habitat-focused projects typically provide solutions to multiple issues - such as providing enhanced public enjoyment, eradicating invasive species, or minimising overgrazing by deer or geese - and they are often designed with a particular species or group of species in mind.


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Natural Flood Management

Ecosulis is also experienced in the design and implementation of Natural Flood Management (NFM) solutions, which work with nature to restore or recreate the natural functioning of river catchments. NFM is increasingly viewed as a viable and often preferable alternative to hard flood defences. Ecosulis has been a pioneer in the design of "buildability" reports for NFM projects, collaborating with other contractors at an early stage to co-design NFM solutions. This gives clients the reassurance that what is being proposed is achievable and will deliver the intended results.



Natural Asset Framework

At Ecosulis, we recognise that many landowners value quality of life, as well as a healthy financial return from their land management practices. Such quality of life  - and a love of the land - comes from engagements with wildlife, wild nature and landscapes.

The Ecosulis Natural Asset Framework is designed to help land owners, managers and investors derive higher levels of value from the practice of managing and restoring natural areas. Based on innovative natural asset systems thinking, its grounded and systematic approach generates multiple revenue streams by connecting the restored forces of nature with modern societal trends.



Want to know more?

To discuss how the Ecosulis Habitats Team could add value to your business, please contact Abbey Fortescue, Ecosulis Business Development Manager (07824 018841 / abbey.fortescue@ecosulis.co.uk).